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    Capt. Ed Sullivan

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  • What We Do

    We write content and increase traffic to our maritime clients

    products & services in E-Commerce

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    Navigating the path to "Raise Awareness" of Client Products and Services in E-Commerce

    -Results in Increasing Revenue for our Clients

    Learning our clients marketing history to avoid rough seas!

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    Smooth Sailing Copy to Ensure Client Success

    -Results in a successful client and long-Term business relationship

    We take the time to listen & understand our clients business goals!

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    A journey of true client collaboration!

    Let's co-design a 2021 benefit for your customer base!

    -Results flow from professional e-commerce writers action plans!

    Let's paint a picture, of a promise to your market, and prove it by

    co-designing a focused marketing push!


    If it's time for a 2021 Action Plan say hello at GetCaptEd@gmail.com and suggest a day/time to discuss a logical approach to let the EEZ copywriter show value to your company's balance sheet!

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    A Call for American's support for H.R. 553 to name the U.S. EEZ after it founder, the Ronald Wilson Reagan-Exclusive Economic Zone, RWR-EEZ in all U.S. maps & publications. 

    -Results from education of our youth advances American society!

    "By naming the EEZ after its founder the "RWR-EEZ" we educate our youth to many emerging opportunities for entrepreneurial America!" --Capt. Ed Sullivan

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    Author Award! Capt. Ed Sullivan was awarded the 2014 Outskirts Press Award for his book "Daddy's Not Comin' Home" which highlights the sacrifice of the US Merchant Marine who suffered the highest casualty rate "per capita" of service in WWII.

    -Educating American youth about the sacrifice of the U.S. Merchant Marine who helped to preserve the freedom we all enjoy today!

    A history lesson for the millennial generation about the Patriotic US Merchant Marine who kept the "Lifeline of Democracy" alive to our Russian & European allies, while preserving our way of life at home!

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    Writing Sample! See "Daddy's Not Comin' Home" book website at www.CaptEdSullivan.com for a biography of the author & copywriter.

    -A historical reminder of the American Patriotic Spirits in perpetual convoy who kept the lifeline of democracy alive to North Russia!

    Writing Sample! See at www.CaptEdSullivan.com book website the blog post "Passing Ships in the Sea" to read of the 1st hand account by Capt. Sullivan of the largest land/sea rescue in the history of the sea's, within Alaska's coastal EEZ, which resulted in saving all 519 passengers on the Dutch passenger liner MS Prinsendam!

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    Copywriter's sample of writing over "troubled waters" in life to illustrate for Capt. Sullivan's grandchildren the wonderful life of his son Ryan Sullivan, USN veteran of USS Carl Vinson's 1st Strike on Afghanistan after 9/11.  See "Rocky the Awesome Dog" at Authorhouse.com 

    -A copywriter's story about the youthful innocence of a little boy Ryan and his loyal dog Rocky!

    Writing Sample! Capt. Sullivan's children book "Rocky the Awesome Dog" is dedicated to his son Ryan and lends a glimpse into his wonderful childhood. The book was written during a time that is considered a parent's worst days. A copywriter's effort to help overcome the grief after the loss of a child. By writing a story to overcome "troubled waters" in life or in business can help us to shed light on the promise of "blue skies" on life's horizon!

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    Copywriting Solutions for Clients Needs

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    Sales Letters &

    Email Campaigns

    Sustainable Client Results

    We take the time to understand our clients goals and focus on an action plan that conveys concise effective Sales Letters and Email Campaigns that results in increased revenue for clients.

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    "Micro Moments" SEO Online Campaigns

    Website Search Engine Optimization

    Capture customers in the critical first 70 "Micro Moments" of search

    We focus on capturing the critical first 70 "Micro Moments" in customer search for your product and services that results in landing on your website versus your competitors.

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    "Go West of West, and East of East, and South of South, and explore America's new frontier - The U.S. Exclusive Economic Zone - www.RWR-EEZ.com

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  • Whatz Happenin' in the EEZ! Blog

    "Go West of West, and East of East, and South of South, and explore America's new frontier the "Exclusive Economic Zone" -Capt Ed Sullivan www.RWR-EEZ.com

    Historical Background: "Whatz Happenin' in the EEZ" blog post:  On March 10, 1983 President Ronald Wilson Reagan (RWR) created the U.S. Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) establishing America's sovereign right to explore, exploit, conserve, and manage ocean resources extending 200 nautical miles...