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Whatz Happenin' in the EEZ" Welcome to America's EEZ website named after its founder Ronald Wilson Reagan! is a U.S. Maritime business information aggregate website to promote US maritime commerce & educate American youth as to the diverse emerging opportunities in America's new frontier the EEZ highlighted in blue!

Historical Background: "Whatz Happenin' in the EEZ" blog post: 

On March 10, 1983 President Ronald Wilson Reagan (RWR) created the U.S. Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) establishing America's sovereign right to explore, exploit, conserve, and manage ocean resources extending 200 nautical miles from our shores.

America’s EEZ is the world's largest Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), spanning more than 3.4 million square nautical miles an area larger than the combined landmass of all 50 States.

The website was created to promote American maritime commerce and educate American youth as to the emerging opportunities in our nation's EEZ!

It is inherent for American youth to learn of the importance of our EEZ for our nation’s security and economic independence. As citizen's we have a fiduciary duty to protect the marine environment for future generations of Americans.

Capt. Ed Sullivan is a retired US Merchant Marine officer who circumnavigated the earth three times delivering American Commerce for US shipping companies and US Military Sealift Command.

Capt. Ed Sullivan, is a recognized member of the U.S. Professional Writer’s Alliance, and the 1st Exclusive Economic Zone E-Commerce copywriter in the United States.

Capt. Ed Sullivan’s book “Daddy’s Not Comin’ Home” highlights the U.S. Merchant Marine sacrifice in WWII incurring the highest casualty rate per capita of service. Capt. Sullivan received the Outskirts Press Writers Award for his publication.

Capt. Sullivan was appointed by Congressman Joe Moakley to serve as the Massachusetts Chairman along with 49 other State Chairman under the leadership of Sen. Bob Dole to build the National WWII Memorial in Washington D.C.

Capt. Sullivan served on the SS Sohio Intrepid in 1980 and was part of the largest land/sea rescue in the history of the sea's rescuing all 519 passengers on the Dutch passenger liner MS Prinsendam that sunk in the Gulf of Alaska receiving along with the rescue team a Congressional commendation (see blog story).

After surviving the rigors of the sea over a 30 year maritime career Capt. Sullivan developed a jobs proposal for American youth entitled a Maritime Technological Initiative promoting economic opportunity in the U.S. Exclusive Economic Zone.

Capt. Sullivan was a co-founder of the National Maritime Union’s “Reagan Democrats” in support of Gov. Reagan’s 1980 Presidential campaign. Capt. Sullivan has been an advocate of President Reagan’s visionary founding of the U.S. EEZ making five annual films honoring the former President for establishing the EEZ beginning in 2003 the last year of President Reagan's life.

Capt. Sullivan is an advocate to rename the EEZ after its founder the “RWR-EEZ” supporting House Bill #553 that recognizes President Reagan for issuing Executive Order #5030 on March 10, 1983 to establish the United States EEZ to advance the development of ocean resources and protect the marine environment. seeks to recognize President Reagan’s executive action that expanded US sovereignty 200 miles off-shore from the low-tide mark of coastal waters, and added 3.4 million square nautical miles to American territorial jurisdiction.

Maritime activities in the EEZ contribute to more than $300 billion dollars per year to U.S. economic activity.


Today Capt. Ed Sullivan announces in his new weekly blog post "Whatz Happenin' in the EEZ" a new venue as an American e-commerce writer to develop content for maritime commerce in the EEZ, and promoting economic opportunities for American youth in the emerging new ocean frontier the Exclusive Economic Zone!